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Bermuda Gas protects the ozone

The Bermuda Sun Mar 22 2013
By Don Burgess

Judith Uddin, Bermuda Gas general manager, said in a press release: “Today we recognize the achievement of 10 Bermuda Gas technicians who have completed the Refrigerant Recovery course at Bermuda College, making Bermuda Gas the first company in Bermuda to train its team in this environmentally responsible process.” 

Awarding the Bermuda College certificates was Cannoth Roberts, Bermuda College instructor, and Bermuda Gas vice president of Operations, Craig Tyrrell, the two gentlemen who brought the programme together.  

Mr Roberts said:  “I congratulate each gentleman enthusiastically, not only for their commitment to attend classes at the end of their work day but for the group’s 100 per cent completion rate as well.   The Bermuda public can be confident that these ten Bermuda Gas technicians have demonstrated their understanding of the principles of refrigerant recovery.  

“In fact, three individuals have also attained international certification through the ESCO Institute.  Dominic Grant, Navel Darrell and Berwin Thomas, are now qualified to train others in this process.”

Proving that greening one’s business can have a financial benefit as well, Craig Tyrrell pointed out that Bermuda Gas typically paid external service providers between $25,000 and $30,000 a year, prior to the Company embarking on this refrigerant recovering training.

Mr Darrell said: “Enhancing my knowledge and experience can only improve my chances of moving up in the Company.”

Completing the training were: Dwayne Tavares, Perry Foggo, Giovanni Astarita, Gordon Matthew, Shannon Lee, Shannon Pitcher, Gregory Raynor, Dominic Grant, Navel Darrell and Berwin Thomas.

Bermuda Gas Appliance Showroom Now Closed

Hamilton, Bermuda (June 6, 2015) - Bermuda Gas wishes to advise it's customers that the Appliance Showroom is now closed

and there will be no further appliance sales at the Company. Click Here to read more.




‘How To’: Save Money and Enjoy Unlimited Hot Water!

The Bermuda Sun Feb 20 2013
By David DeSilva

 Go tankless and never run out of hot water again!

Your old water heater is a big consumer of energy in your home, especially in your bathroom. That’s because it has to maintain a tank full of hot water 24 hours a day in anticipation of your next shower or bath. What a waste, when the average household use of hot water is less than an hour per day!

Tankless water heaters have a lot to offer homeowners. They are capable of providing an instant, endless supply of hot water. Not relying on a preheated reservoir means that you will never run out of hot water. No more cold showers!

How does a tankless water heater work?

Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient — they do not store pre-warmed water, instead, function on an on-demand basis that is instantly triggered by turning on a hot water tap.

Cold water enters the heater and, as it flows through the heating elements, is warmed to the appropriate temperature. As the water flow varies, the unit adjusts to maintain a constant temperature, delivering maximum energy efficiency. When the hot water tap is turned off, the heater stops too.

Big energy savings translate into big cost savings

Switch to a tankless water heater and you can significantly reduce your annual energy consumption, as well as the cost that goes along with it.

 By only heating water when you need it, tankless water heaters reduce your energy consumption and heating costs — saving about 20% on your electricity bill.

Benefits keep coming

With a lifespan that is twice as long as traditional hot water systems, and no reservoir to corrode, a slim profile and small footprint, saving you valuable space, the benefits keep adding up.

Bonus: a cleaner, greener option

At Bermuda Gas, we strive to provide customers with greener products. Our tankless water heaters use clean-burning propane gas to heat your water, making good use of a greener source of energy.

Bermuda Gas: How to buy dealership appliances

The Bermuda Sun Mar 20 2013
By David DeSilva

Buying an appliance is a major purchase and one with many considerations. Not only should a consumer look at price but also bear in mind the warranty, service, maintenance, parts, and troubleshooting knowledge of the retailer.

Authorized dealers are in direct partnership with the brands they carry, which means they must meet manufacturer standards for sales and service. Authorized dealers receive first-hand training from their brands and so are able to talk knowledgeably about the products they sell, and provide complete service and support.

In addition, with the Bermuda Gas one-year labour and parts warranty on all appliances purchased from the Company, you can be confident that, should a problem arise, the dealer can assist you with trained repair personnel, authorized replacement parts and skilled maintenance.

As an authorized dealer for a wide range of major appliance brands in Bermuda, Bermuda Gas is proud to offer their customers all these advantages.

In fact, Bermuda Gas is celebrating it’s second anniversary as the authorized dealer of Whirlpool products on the island.

Whirlpool is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of major home appliances such as electric and gas stoves, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators.

And from now until April 6th, Bermuda Gas is giving away 2 appliances every week! Customers who buy any one of Whirlpool’s energy-efficient appliances will be entered into a draw to win their purchase!

For more information, or to enter the Whirlpool appliance giveaway, stop by the 25 Serpentine Road showroom, call Bermuda Gas at 298-6113 or visit them online at

Plenty on offer to tempt your tastebuds

The Royal Gazette Mar 22 2013
By Nadia Arandjelovic

Scores of restaurants will set up booths just off Front Street as part of the second annual City Food Festival, which kicked off at the start of this week.

It brings an opportunity to taste a range of food and beverages; entertainment will include competitions to determine the Island’s best fish chowder, fish cakes, rum swizzle and loquat jam.

Organiser Thomas Lightbourne of City of Hamilton, said the event was a great way for people to discover all that restaurants and bars had to offer.

“They can just stop by and get food and have some fun,” he said.

Burrows Lightbourn Ltd has brought in a representative from Dewar’s. Gabe Cardarella will do demonstrations featuring their scotch from 7.45pm until 9.15pm.

Participating companies will offer free samples of some brands of liquor throughout the day; drinks will also be on sale to adults for the duration of the event.

Head chef Antonio Belvedere of Bermuda Bistro at The Beach will offer samples of different types of sliders and the restaurant’s famous Bistro burger.

He said the burger was a cut above others offered on Island because it’s made using homemade patties of certified Angus beef, rather than the frozen variety.

The chef took part in a festival cooking competition at Bermuda Gas earlier this week. He and two other chefs were given ingredients and asked to make three types of hot and cold canapés.

Mr Belvedere made a Dark ‘n’ Stormy chicken pot pie by marinating the chicken with black rum and fresh ginger. He also improvised on the spot to make a curry chicken lollipop and a vegetable crostini topped with celery, raisins, tomato, onions and a citrus balsamic vinegarette.

He didn’t win the event, but the recent Bermuda College’s culinary arts graduate said it was a “good experience” to go head-to-head with more experienced chefs.

He’s now considering entering tomorrow’s competitions for the best fish cake and fish chowder. “I’d probably enter just for the challenge,” he said.

“We do a good fish chowder and fish cakes at The Beach, not year round, but we do it occasionally as a special. They are pretty much traditional recipes, but we add a few secret ingredients here and there.”

He said he was looking forward to the taking part in everything the day has to offer, not just selling food.

Executive chef Derek Myers will represent the Island Restaurant Group Pickled Onion, Barracuda Grill, Hog Penny and Victoria Grill.

They will be roasting a variety of meats fresh that afternoon, including two pigs from Wadson’s Farm, grilled wahoo and marinated chicken and beef short ribs.

Mr Myers described the effort as “a fun barbecue style of food that everyone can identify with”.

He encouraged people to come out to the festival.

“I just think it’s a great opportunity to have a family-friendly space and atmosphere that is promoting the city restaurants, and to see what everyone can do.

“A lot of times you can’t get to visit or taste all the different restaurants, but this way you can see what they are serving and meet the friendly people who work behind the scenes serving drinks and food for everyone.”

Mr Lightbourne said the festival was also meant to showcase all that the city had on offer. Past City of Hamilton events include fashion shows and summer concerts in the park.

“There will be great live entertainment provided by [the band] Working Title, and a fun, safe environment for people to come out with the family and enjoy the day,” he said. “It’s forecasted to be a great, sunny Saturday and most people come into the city with the kids for dance practice or to run errands or whatnot anyway.”

Entry to the City Food Festival is free. Food can only be sampled by purchase. Tickets are $10 each, or $40 for a package of five.

Raffles will also be available, with the chance to win a variety of prizes.

The event takes place from 2pm until 10pm at the Number One Car Park on Front Street. Cooking competitions start at 6pm.