10 Winners Receive Composite Cylinders/BBQ

Bernews Nov 7 2012
By Cynthia Wright

Early adopters of new composite barbecue cylinders were the first to enjoy their many features, 10 of these won a prize from Bermuda Gas, with nine new composite cylinders and a new barbecue being awarded. 

On hand for yesterday’s [Nov 6] prize giving, held in the Bermuda Gas Showroom, were several of the winners and Bermuda Gas managers. RUBiS Sales Manager, Mr. Jermaine Simons, also attended to congratulate the winners of this co-sponsored programme. 

“The launch promotion drew attention to the three main benefits that composite cylinders have over the traditional steel versions. The most important of these is that they are translucent, so there is no longer a reason to run out of gas when grilling,” according to Mr. Simons.

Composite cylinders are also about 50% lighter than their steel counterparts, making them much more convenient to move from place to place. Equally importantly, composites will not rust or flake so there are no more messes or rust marks to contend with. This also means that they will require no maintenance and be around for years to come.

“By offering barbecue cylinders on a rental basis, Bermuda Gas is providing customers with a less expensive option to get people cooking outdoors faster. And remember that barbecue cylinders are available all year round from RUBiS service stations as well as from the Bermuda Gas Distribution Centre on Serpentine Road,” said Judith Uddin, General Manager of Bermuda Gas.

The winners of a new composite cylinder [in attendance] were: Michelle Dallas, Carlos Lozada [father-in-law, Leonardo DeSilva, attended in his place] and Larry Rogers. The winner of a new gas barbecue and a gas cylinder was Curtis Williams, and winners that were unable to attend included David Bedard, Samantha Hill, Nir Sadeh, Dylan Simpson, Luchia Swan, and Charles Wilkinson.