Bermuda Gas announces Turkey Giveaway winner

The Royal Gazette Jan 11 2012
By Lindsay Kelly

A local appliance company tried to gobble up the competition with its annual turkey giveaway promotion over the holiday, enticing hundreds of customers to enter a draw to win a store credit worth thousands of dollars.

This is the second year that Bermuda Gas has run its annual Turkey Giveaway that gave free holiday turkeys to customers who bought appliances in the run-up to Christmas. For every $500 spent, customers were entered into a draw to win their purchase for free or up to $2,000.

The Turkey Giveaway is one of the company’s most anticipated annual promotions, with hundreds of people taking home a bird for the holiday, said sales manager David DeSilva. Staff employees dressed up as turkeys picketed outside the store to help drum up support and excitement for the event.

“For us (Bermuda Gas), the Christmas Turkey Giveaway is one of the single most important promotions we offer,” he said. “I consider the promotion to be a success based simply on the amount of positive feedback we’ve received from our customers. I also think a lot of people, myself included, responded really well to the humour in this year’s campaign.”

This year’s winner was Keith Jackson who was awarded a $2,000 credit towards his purchase of a Whirlpool washer/dryer combination with matching pedestals.

“The Christmas Giveaway was a big success, and we’d like to offer our congratulations to Mr Jackson on his good luck!” said Mr DeSilva, who added that the company offers free delivery and removal service for all their appliances. “This promotion is definitely one of our favourites, and we look forward to giving away more turkeys next holiday season!”

This year, the event also marked the moving of the Bermuda Gas Appliance Showroom to its new home on 25 Serpentine Road, located directly adjacent to the other Bermuda Gas departments. The move is a part of the company’s effort to better serve their customers by providing one location for all their services.