Bermuda Gas ‘How To’: Benefit from bulk gas

The Bermuda Sun Oct 17 2012
By Ernest Marshall

This month, Commercial Account Coordinator, Ernest Marshall explains how homeowners can now benefit from bulk gas services – no longer just for business owners!

Did you know that homeowners who run several appliances on gas can reduce their propane cost and enjoy the convenience of regularly scheduled tank top-ups by becoming a bulk gas customer?

Yes, business and homeowners alike can benefit from the installation of a bulk commercial tank.

Get started

Bulk tanks range in size from 50 to 100 gallon capacity and can be used to power most appliances, as well as to heat tap water and circulate swimming pool water and run a generator.

A site visit will be required to determine whether a bulk propane installation is suitable for your site. 

An assessment of the tank size is then made to match your requirements, as well as the best location for it to be situated.

Once a bulk tank is installed, there is no need to request gas going forward as this is done automatically on an agreed schedule. 

So, in addition to saving money over the cost of using 100lb cylinders, bulk tanks are also convenient and help to ensure that you don’t run out of gas.

Additional or new equipment

Experience is very useful when it comes to selecting home and commercial appliances.

As the representative of more than 50 different product lines, you can rest assured that no one knows propane gas and gas-powered units better than us.

Of course, if you’d rather repair than replace equipment, you’ll need the services of a knowledgeable parts department, one that not only knows what parts you require but has the inventory on hand when you need it. 

Experienced service technicians, focused on the repair and maintenance of your appliances and commercial equipment are also essential.

Ready to explore bulk gas?

A dedicated Commercial Account Coordinator is at your service to deliver the highest standard of service to assist with all your bulk gas needs.

Get started by contacting Ernest Marshall at 325-1812 or