Bermuda Gas protects the ozone

The Bermuda Sun Mar 22 2013
By Don Burgess

Judith Uddin, Bermuda Gas general manager, said in a press release: “Today we recognize the achievement of 10 Bermuda Gas technicians who have completed the Refrigerant Recovery course at Bermuda College, making Bermuda Gas the first company in Bermuda to train its team in this environmentally responsible process.” 

Awarding the Bermuda College certificates was Cannoth Roberts, Bermuda College instructor, and Bermuda Gas vice president of Operations, Craig Tyrrell, the two gentlemen who brought the programme together.  

Mr Roberts said:  “I congratulate each gentleman enthusiastically, not only for their commitment to attend classes at the end of their work day but for the group’s 100 per cent completion rate as well.   The Bermuda public can be confident that these ten Bermuda Gas technicians have demonstrated their understanding of the principles of refrigerant recovery.  

“In fact, three individuals have also attained international certification through the ESCO Institute.  Dominic Grant, Navel Darrell and Berwin Thomas, are now qualified to train others in this process.”

Proving that greening one’s business can have a financial benefit as well, Craig Tyrrell pointed out that Bermuda Gas typically paid external service providers between $25,000 and $30,000 a year, prior to the Company embarking on this refrigerant recovering training.

Mr Darrell said: “Enhancing my knowledge and experience can only improve my chances of moving up in the Company.”

Completing the training were: Dwayne Tavares, Perry Foggo, Giovanni Astarita, Gordon Matthew, Shannon Lee, Shannon Pitcher, Gregory Raynor, Dominic Grant, Navel Darrell and Berwin Thomas.