Bermuda Gas Recognizes Reliable Staff When They See It

Your Future 2011 Apr 1 2011
By Michael Fay

The folks at Bermuda Gas have always prided themselves on the loyalty of their employees and the sense of family found in their offices. Thus, it is always a proud moment when a long-time employee receives a hard earned promotion. Deborah Riley-Tuzo is a Bermuda Gas veteran, and has recently accepted a newly-created position as Customer Care Supervisor.

Deborah has been employed at Bermuda Gas for a commendable 28 years. In that time, she has moved from department to department, gaining experience in many different areas of the business – everything from accounts and sales to service. It is this experience and knowledge of the Company that Deborah brings to her new role as Customer Care Supervisor. 

Deborah attributes her long stretch at Bermuda Gas to her co-workers, “The majority of people here have been here for a long time… That’s why I stayed so long; because of the family atmosphere that has always been present at Bermuda Gas.”

Those who work with Deborah hold her experience and knowledge in great esteem. Seen as a role model and a ‘go to’ person within the department, Deborah has earned the respect of the Bermuda Gas family, on which she will be relying as she takes on additional special projects. Leslie Lowe, Service Manager, and the rest of the management team are confident Deborah will continue to be an outstanding asset to the Customer Care department as well as the Bermuda Gas family as a whole.