Bermuda Gas steps up to the plate

Royal Gazette Mar 27 2012
By jacqueline Ward

In this economy, it’s hard to think of donating your time and money to someone else.  And that’s just what Bermuda Gas has been doing a great deal of so far in 2012.  The Company, already known for its charitable giving, has added a number of key sponsorships to its roster this year.

“Everyone knows that times are hard right now, so donating may be the last thing you think of.  We realize though how important charities are to our island.  It doesn’t always have to be a cash donation.  Donations in kind or simply offering time and support can be invaluable,” according to General Manager, Judith Uddin.

Bermuda Gas is the sole sponsor of this month’s Bermudian Building Design Awards as well as contributing to local events such as the Bermuda 100-Day Challenge and Songopoly.  They have also signed up to be a part of the upcoming Highland Games, a first-time event for Bermuda. 

In addition, Bermuda Gas has been able to provide specific programmes, initiatives, and partnerships with charities.  Claudette Fleming, Executive Director at Age Concern Bermuda, comments, “We are delighted to be working with Bermuda Gas. It is this type of support that allows Age Concern to facilitate the very diverse needs of our growing membership”.

More than simply donating, Bermuda Gas has partnered with Age Concern to implement a discount programme for seniors including access to special offers and prizes.  They also participated in the Age Concern Expo during this year’s Coldwell Banker Home Show.  “We look at the Bermuda Gas partnership as a model arrangement on how local business can play a vital role in making an impact on social and consumer issues”, states Mrs. Fleming.

Undoubtedly their largest charitable initiative so far this year has been their first Appliance Giveaway held at the end of January. Bermuda Gas invited registered charities to select appliances remaining from its recent warehouse sale.  The Company worked with The Centre on Philanthropy to get the word out to various needy organizations and the initiative was received with open arms. Participants in the giveaway represented a wide range of community groups in need.  The Bermuda Heart Foundation, the Centre Against Abuse, Packwood Home, Habitat for Humanity and the Coalition for the Protection of Children were among the recipients of Bermuda Gas appliances – nearly $37,000 worth.

“We have made an ongoing commitment to our community, whether it is through sponsoring local events, volunteering our time or sharing our resources. The fact that they are being used in environments that are helping others, makes it all worthwhile”, remarks Uddin.