Firm promises better service and lower prices

Bermuda Sun Jun 1 2012
By Don Burgess

FRIDAY, JUNE 1: Bermuda Gas changed its business model at the end of 2011 to streamline the service it gives to commercial clients.

It’s already paying dividends with thrilled customers like Audrey Tucker of Island Cuisine (see page 9), but the company is striving to give even greater customer service while reducing prices.

On April 1, Bermuda Gas instituted a 17 per cent reduction in its parts price. Commercial customers who have a contract with Bermuda Gas get an additional 10 per cent off, allowing them to save 27 per cent.

Judith Uddin, general manager for Bermuda Gas, said, “We were offering them one solution but we had four lines of business. This enhancement on this all commercial focus is basically to be able to enhance, attract and educate our commercial clients in all our lines of business.”

Before the appliance sales, service, parts and propane divisions all acted separately so one commercial customer would have to deal with four different people to get their needs met. Bermuda Gas admits it was not the most efficient way to do business.

Ms Uddin said by combining the four into one, Bermuda gas was able to provide its clients better savings.

“Since we started this, we’ve been able to reduce costs for them, which is the objective for this entire package.”


She added having Ernest Marshall, the commercial accounts coordinator, as a point of contact for all four lines of business helped streamline the process of better meeting the needs of Bermuda gas customer.

“It makes it easier for them. That’s what we’re about — adding excellent customer service and value for our commercial customers, which is our biggest market in gas.”

She said the end of 2011, Bermuda Gas has moved about 40 per cent of its clients over to the new system.

Mr Marshall said Bermuda Gas was listening to what their customers wanted.

“ The customers kept reiterating to us the importance of us being all-inclusive. So we listened to them. But it’s more than just listening to them, we have to deliver on what we say we’re going to do.

“We have to provide ideal service — making sure that we’re responsive. That we get there when we say that we’re going to get there.”

He said that deal includes taking an inventory of customers’ products and appliances and promising to keep parts for them on hand.

Mr Marshall said: “We also promise to service them by doing a preventive maintenance programme to ensure that they’re completely in operation all year round — so that something doesn’t go down so they have to suddenly stop their operation because of something not working. We’re trying to be all encompassing.”

He added Bermuda Gas has a 70 year track record of “never having a safety issue and never had someone getting injured – that’s a record that we’re proud of. We’re going to continue that and promise people in the future that we’re going to have reliable products and good trained staff that are certified by a recognized worldwide organization.”

Craig Tyrell, vice president operations, said one of the reason Bermuda Gas has an unblemished safety record is that it’s a active member of the national propane and gas association and participates in the CSTEP training. We have ensured that all our staff have participated in that particular course.

To understand that the people – whether they’re in the service department, the parts department — or on the sales floor, that they have that particular certification behind their belt is a star.”

Ms Uddin added:  “If you’re a part of our family, we want to get you savings across the whole package. We want to be the overall solution to our commercial customers. We want to help them to succeed because we know its tough out there.”