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Bermuda Gas is the Island’s preferred provider of propane gas, appliances, parts and service for homes and businesses alike. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you to find the right products and solutions to suit your needs.


Gas Sales

Bermuda Gas supplies residences across the Island with 100-lb & 31-lb propane gas cylinders as well as bulk gas deliveries. For years Bermuda’s residents have depended on our residential gas systems to fuel their gas cooking ranges, clothes dryers, water heaters, fire logs and space heaters.

Information regarding residential gas usage can be found below, or proceed directly to our Order Gas page to find out how to place residential or bulk gas orders.


Introducing our New
RESi-LITE (31-lb Cylinder)
Our new RESi-LITE has great benefits:
  • Environmentally friendly & rust free.
  • Safe for your home & family. Each cylinder is refilled in a controlled & dedicated facility.
  • Lightweight.
  • No more calling & waiting for deliveries. Simply exchange the Resi-Lite at any participating RUBiS Station (Warwick South Shore & Terceira's North Shore).
  • Transparent design so you NEVER run out of gas again.
  • The RESi-LITE can be used for your kitchen, bbq, or fireplace.
  • Gives you relief on your budget & cashflow.
For a limited time, we are offering all customers who convert to the RESi-LITE 25% off.
100 lb & 31lb &  Barbecue Cylinder Information
  • We encourage our residential customers to use one 100 lb cylinders at any given time; one 31lb cylinder acting as a reserve unit.
  • Should your cylinder run out of gas and you have a manual system, turn off the empty cylinder and open the valve on your reserve cylinder. For automatic systems, check the propane gauge regularly to see if refilling is required. Contact Us as soon as possible to replace any empty cylinders. Empty cylinders will be exchanged within approximately five working days.
  • Emergency orders can be made for an additional service charge of $20. Emergency deliveries will be made the same day or the next working day for your convenience.
  • All 100 lb propane cylinders are the property of Bermuda Gas and are inspected, tested and maintained by the Company. When our records indicate that a cylinder has been at a customers' location for more than 12 months, Bermuda Gas may replace that cylinder, giving you credit for its contents.
  • For your convenience, Composite BBQ cylinders (17lb) are available through our Cylinder Exchange Programme at the following RUBiS Service Stations:
      • RUBiS Dowling’s Marine – Penno’s Drive, St. George’s
      • RUBiS Causeway Service Station– Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish
      • RUBiS Terceira’s – North Shore Rd, Smith’s
      • RUBiS St. John’s Service Station – St. John’s Rd, Pembroke
      • RUBiS East Broadway Service Station– East Broadway, Pembroke
      • RUBiS Paget Service Station – Middle Rd, Paget
      • RUBiS Warwick – South Shore Rd, Warwick
      • RUBiS Robinson’s Marine Station – Somerset Bridge, Sandy’s
      • RUBiS Boaz Island Marine & Service Station - Sandy’s

      20lb steel BBQ cylinders are available for purchase and exchange at Gorham’s on St. John’s Road and Masters on Dundonald Street.
      33lb forklift cylinders are available at the following RUBiS Service Stations: East Broadway, Terceira’s North Shore and Warwick South Shore Stations.

Bulk Gas Information

  • For residential customers who wish to order gas in bulk quantities, Bermuda Gas will gladly conduct a free site survey to determine whether or not a bulk propane system is permitted on your site, what size of tank you require as well as the best location for your bulk tank.
  • Bulk tanks for residential use range in size from 50 gallons to 250 gallons and occasionally 500 gallons when exceptional consumption is anticipated i.e. to heat a large pool or to run a standby electricity generator. If a bulk tank is installed, Bermuda Gas will regularly check and top up your tank as needed; normally every 30 or 60 days depending on estimated consumption.

Contact our Gas Sales Department on 298-6113

For after hours gas emergencies, contact us on 298-6114

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