Island prepares as hurricane remains ‘highly unpredictable’

The Royal Gazette Sep 7 2012
By Ceola Wilson



A tropical storm watch was posted last night as Bermuda braced for Hurricane Leslie.

National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief led a second meeting with the Emergency Measures Organisation yesterday.

That meeting included “private sector partners whose state of readiness is critical to restoring normalcy to the Island after any storm”.

“Each partner agency reported that their own plans are well advanced and Bermuda can be confident that once the storm has passed a well coordinated response to critical issues is planned.”

Bermuda Gas and Utility Company issued a reminder for customers to turn off the gas at their cylinders and tanks before the storm.

General Manager Judith Uddin said: “Attention should also be paid to securing empty or light cylinders as they could become airborne during high winds.

“Should Bermuda experience severe storm damage in the coming days, we would ask for the cooperation of the public to ensure that telephone calls to Bermuda Gas on 298-6114 are limited to genuine, emergency situations only.

“This will help us to maintain the safety of all customers and staff,” explained Mrs Uddin.