New propane cylinders allow users to see how much is left

The Royal Gazette Jun 25 2012
By Lindsay Kelly

Meat grilling men will rejoice to hear that they will never end up unexpectedly running out of propane again.

Bermuda Gas has just unveiled its new composite barbecue cylinder, which is translucent allowing grillmasters to view how much propane they have and fill up before they run out.

The cylinders are rustproof, meaning no more flaking paint or rusty rings on patio surfaces. Made from composite materials, the new cylinders are also 50 percent lighter than their steel counterparts and outfitted with an ergonomic handle.

“You might say that Bermuda Gas is making propane lighter for summer,” explains general manager Judith Uddin. “Our new composite barbecue cylinders demonstrate Bermuda Gas’ dedication to supplying the Island with the best, and most innovative, propane products available.”

Customers can rent or buy the cylinders.

“By offering the new barbecue cylinders on a rental basis, we are providing customers with a less expensive option to get them cooking outdoors faster,” said Mrs Uddin.

Customers who pick up a new composite cylinder this summer can enter to win either a new cylinder or a new barbecue. Entry forms are available at the time of purchase from the Bermuda Gas Distribution Centre on Serpentine Road or at participating RUBiS service stations.

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