On The Job with Earnest Marshall

The Royal Gazette Nov 22 2011
By Bermuda Gas



Age: 44

Role: Commercial Account Co-ordinator Bermuda Gas

What is your job? I am the person for commercial customer relationships at Bermuda Gas. This means that I support local businesses from hotels and restaurants to Laundromats and offices – anywhere that requires gas, energy-efficient appliances, and maintenance, really. I coordinate customer solutions by working with my colleagues in all departments: gas distribution, appliance sales, service, parts and administration.

What is your favourite part? I enjoy the challenge of transforming every customer’s expectation into a positive experience, a standard that Bermuda Gas has set for itself. My 12 years with the company and my hospitality industry training gets put into good use each year.

What is your least favourite part? I would have to say that it’s the reality that it isn’t humanly possible to put every single customer first. I am, however, learning patience, humility, and superior time management as a result!

What is your most interesting experience at work? There was an ongoing case that needed to be resolved and I was fortunate enough to have a go at it, through careful dialogue with the customer and a unique perspective on the issue, I was able to offer a solution that resolved the complicated issue in fewer than three days. This attention to the customer is what builds confidence in Bermuda Gas and that’s my goal.

What would you be doing otherwise? Time with my family is very precious to me, so I’d choose to spend more of it with my wife and daughters. If I were starting out, I’d also consider the Ministry as a career.