Propane relief when the electricity goes off

Royal Gazette Jun 1 2012
By Judith Uddin

In the minds of many Bermudians, propane gas is the fuel of choice for cooking – both indoors and out.  During hurricane season, the value of propane takes on even greater importance. We may recall, all too vividly, the last time we sat in the dark, with a hungry family looking for dinner while power lines were being fixed in our neighbourhood. Nothing is more welcome at a time like that than realizing that our propane-powered range and our gas barbecue are still working.

And, propane isn’t just for cooking anymore!  Propane gas is becoming an increasingly popular fuel choice for water heaters, clothes dryers, vehicle engines, and more.  What are the benefits of incorporating propane into our lives?

Most propane appliances can be operated independent of any electric power sources. So, in Bermuda, there is no time that propane is more appreciated than during hurricane season.

Even without a power outage, using ‘off the grid’ propane appliances can save you money. Propane is, on the whole, cheaper than conventional electricity – switching can save you as much as 20%.

In many cases, propane performs more efficiently than electric appliances. A propane clothes dryer, for instance, can dry your clothes in three-quarters of the time it would take an electric dryer, and most chefs swear by the speed and even heating of their propane stoves.

The popularity of propane is further enhanced by its designation as a “clean fuel” by both the U.S. 1990 Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Being both environmentally friendly and energy efficient, it is not surprising that people are finding advantages to using propane gas. Not being affected by power outages is definitely a compelling reason why Bermudians have welcomed propane-powered appliances into their lives.

With propane-powered appliances so readily available, you can be ready for the next big blow.  For more information, visit our website at or call us on 295-3111.