Propane trifecta for vehicles

Bermuda Sun Jun 8 2012
By Don Burgess

FRIDAY, JUNE 8: Bermuda Gas and BELCO have converted nine of their vehicles to run on propane.

The companies, which are both part of the Ascendant Group, are doing it to save money, but it will also help the environment by keeping the air cleaner than if it was running on straight diesel.

Bermuda Gas has plans to roll this out as an option for other commercial companies to install on their vehicles.

Judith Uddin, general manager for Bermuda Gas, said her company started outfitting the fuel-injected systems in May of 2011 and now have had a full year to evaluate the results, which has shown they are averaging about 20 per cent in savings on the vehicles kitted out with the propane versus those running on straight deisel.

Ms Uddin said: “We’re interested in this as a commercial application. We’re not doing it for smaller vehicles, it has to be a commercial vehicle.

More power

She said the eight Bermuda Gas vehicles and the one BELCO truck with the system have improved performance as they have more power since using propane.

“Our trucks are heavy so it affords them to get up hills and accelerate faster.”

Ernest Marshall, commercial accounts coordinator, added: “Some of our vehicles are propane driven, which is an enhancement for the diesel engines. We have noticed it’s saving us a lot of money and is clean burning.

“A diesel engine leaves a lot of emissions. We’ve noticed since we’ve changed to these propane fuel-injected systems that there are no fumes.

“You can actually stand behind the vehicle and be amazed.

“Our plan is to see how it works on our vehicles first, then introduce it to the marketplace.”