Renewable technologies and propane gas: alternative energy partners that deliver

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By Michael Fay

More and more islanders are realising the importance of sustainable energy and the benefits of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

As a result, we are sure to see an enormous increase in the amount of alternative energy technology and infrastructure present throughout the Island.

Already, Bermuda is home to a large number of businesses and organizations geared towards providing alternative-energy solutions for both commercial and residential projects.

This comes as no surprise, given the global increase in environmental awareness, as well as the cost benefits many modern eco-friendly energy sources offer.

As someone who may be considering the switch to alternative energy sources, it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the quantity of different technologies and services available.

Between renewable energy technologies like solar and wind power, cleaner burning fuels like propane gas, and energy efficient appliances, which technologies are best for you?

The simplest and best answer is undoubtedly ‘all of them’.

Many alternative energy technologies are most effective when used in conjunction with others.

Taking advantage of more than one form of alternative energy greatly reduces your dependency on fossil fuels, yet allows you to maintain the consistent supply of energy associated with traditional electricity.  Renewable energy technology (particularly solar and wind power in Bermuda) and propane gas make a highly effective pair in this respect, especially given the technologies and services most available in Bermuda.

Renewable energy

PureNERGY is one of Bermuda’s leaders in the field of renewable energy, offering the technologies that make optimal use of two of Bermuda’s most plentiful natural resources: sunlight and wind.

Beginning with a full energy audit, the PureNERGY team can identify where and how customers can cut down on their energy usage and costs even before considering the application of renewable energy systems.

Their team of experienced professionals has conducted extensive research to determine which renewable energy technologies are the most compatible with Bermuda’s environment.  As a result, PureNERGY specialises in the distribution of solar photovoltaic, solar-thermal and micro-wind generation solutions island wide.

As the names suggest, solar photovoltaic and solar-thermal technologies harness sunlight, converting it into electricity and heat respectively.

Micro-wind generation, on the other hand, produces electricity through the use of wind-powered turbines.

These systems greatly reduce the amount of conventional fossil-fuel-based electricity needed to power your building, and can cut your electricity bill down by as much as 30 per cent. 

Furthermore, net metering allows any excess electricity generated to be fed back into the power grid.

This makes renewable energy technology valuable not only to the owner, but also to Bermuda’s energy infrastructure as a whole.

While renewable systems offer clean, cost-effective energy, the technology does chiefly rely on the weather.

Extended periods of poor weather can hinder your renewable system’s ability to meet your energy demands, and would thus need to be supplemented with another source of energy.

Luckily, there are other energy sources available in Bermuda that can complement your renewable energy systems and still help to cut down reliance on traditional electricity.

Propane gas

Liquid propane gas (LPG), while derived from natural gas and thus not a renewable energy source, is a notably clean burning fuel, and is an excellent complement to a renewable energy system.


Environmentally speaking, propane is non-toxic and insoluble in water, meaning it cannot be spilled onto topsoil or contaminate water supplies.

Compared to conven-tional gasoline, propane releases:

  • 12 per cent less carbon dioxide
  • 20 per cent less nitrogen oxide
  • As much as 60 per cent less carbon monoxide

Aside from these environmental advantages, propane is easy to transport, and propane systems and appliances require very little in the way of set-up and installation.

Furthermore, due to its low ignition point, propane is as safe as can be.

Readily available, clean burning and cost effective, propane is gaining considerable popularity in many countries throughout the world, and for good reason.

Propane is a versatile fuel that has a multitude of practical uses. In Bermuda, propane is most commonly used in indoor and outdoor cooking appliances, clothes dryers and tankless water heaters.

Propane-powered stoves and barbecues offer clean, consistent cooking that can be depended on should your other power sources fail, and tankless propane water heaters heat your building’s water on an as-needed basis, making them excellent energy-saving appliances.

Using propane-powered appliances is a great way to ease the burden placed on your solar or wind-powered systems.

It ensures a consistent energy supply during times of inclement weather, and allowing more electricity to be fed back into the grid when conditions are favourable!

Bermuda Gas is the island’s top distributor of propane and propane appliances, and offers a wealth of experience to those looking to incorporate propane-fuelled appliances into their home or office.

Supplying propane gas, appliances, parts, installation and service, Bermuda Gas is a true one-stop shop for all of your propane requirements.

Moving Bermuda forward

In Bermuda, we are fortunate to have access to a variety of alternative energy options and sup-pliers.

Experienced companies like PureNERGY and Bermuda Gas enable us to reduce our energy costs while using cleaner fuel options that help to propel Bermuda forward, toward a sustainable future.